World War Wii ~ Saying Goodbye as Nintendo Ends Wii Online

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[Image created by GS*Dunkaroo.]

May 20th. The end of Wii online servers for all games. That’s it. Like a zombie apocalypse, it is the end of days for our Wii faction. All our Friend Code lists will be closed. No more playing online together. That is a significant milestone for us. Back in 2008 when Sony pulled its online servers for the Playstation 2, we migrated our clan from Jak X to Mario Kart Wii. And expanded into the power house we are today. Let’s take the time and celebrate an end of an era together!

Current and Potential New Members Are All Invited to The World War Wii Event!

World War Wii encompasses all Wii titles to which we all have collective access. At the time this is written, the following games are scheduled to be part of the event:

Call of Duty: Reflex
Conduit 2
Dr. Mario Rx
Excitebike World Rally
Goldeneye 007
Mario Kart Wii
Tetris Party
Texas Hold ‘em Tournament

Reply to this topic if you have any of these games.
Reply to this topic if you have additional Wii titles that you would like featured in World War Wii.

World War Wii begins May 1st. Exact match times will be posted closer to start date based on the responses to this topic.

PRIZES: Anyone who participates in any of the posted matches will receive the custom forum rank, Survivor of World War Wii with a fun icon attached as well. Likewise, winners of each game event will be given an icon and custom forum rank, Last [Name of game] Survivor Standing.

Keep checking back to see postings for finalized match times because you will need to reply to this topic with your Friend Code to be added to the event roster.

Good luck and don’t let the following happen to you during World War Wii!

NEWS ~ Super Mario Bros. 3, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, & Golden Sun Added to Wii U

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This week’s round of classic titles being added to the Wii U’s Virtual Console service is a particularly good one since it includes three of them, all of which are noteworthy:

F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA)

Golden Sun (GBA)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

What do the rest of you think? Personally, I snatched up Super Mario Bros.3 right away. I already had it downloaded on the Wii, so I opted for the extra dollar to upgrade it into Wii U features. I am also really tempted to get [u]Golden Sun[/u] since it is a JRPG.

Your turn to share, and you can do so in the GS Forum topic version of this article:

Gunslingers Most Recent Recruiting Message

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Phew! I have been busy! Aside from swinging full-time work and a full-time schedule of night classes, I was on host duty for visiting relatives. Isn’t being an adult fun?

That is exactly why the Gunslingers exist: to give fellow busy adults a gaming group that can fully appreciate your need to decompress at the end of a busy schedule and just have some simple fun. Trust me, you aren’t alone.

In just the first two weeks of April, the overall Gunslingers clan has welcomed 96 new members to its ranks. Nearly all of them have already posted an Introduction and/or shared a gaming contact with the rest of us. That is fantastic!

Membership is not a number game. We aren’t successful because we have a lot of members. We have a lot of members because we are successful at what we do. And, what we do is respect the fellow mature, casual gamer and their desire to avoid silly probation periods, regiment ranks, or overarching drama.

Grab your pick of poison. Grab a controller. Game with us. It is that easy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just wasting your time.

The PC Clan for Adults.
The PS4 Clan for Adults.
The Wii U Clan for Adults.
The Xbox One Clan for Adults.

The Forza 5 Clan for Adults.
The Diablo 3 Clan for Adults.
The Titanfall Clan for Adults.
The Mario Kart 8 Clan for Adults.
The Battlefield 4 Clan for Adults.
The Gran Turismo IV Clan for Adults.
The Grand Theft Auto V Clan for Adults.
The Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan for Adults.
The Killzone: Shadow Fall Clan for Adults.

Gunslingers – Blazing Trails for Parents and Hard Working Adults.

You Are Your Gamerscore . . . Aren’t You?

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March 16, 2014

Before getting my Xbox 360 three years ago, I was a PC gamer. In fact, the last console I owned was my Atari 2600 when I . . . well, it was a long time ago. I switched after getting frustrated with hackers and cheaters on PC. Going back proved tougher than I thought!

Cheating aside, two things pushed me to my console switch. Stories about “uncommon” cheating and hacking on consoles – compared to PC – was a big sell. Of course, now gamers deal with inventive cheaters like lag switchers more often than we’d like to admit, but that’s another story. Second, the 360 had been out awhile and early problems were fixed. I was confident I wouldn’t deal with any hardware failures out of the box.

Everything changed when next gen. consoles were announced (PS4 in February and Xbox One in May, 2013). I researched everything I could find on both consoles for a year. Literally, a year! (I bought a PS4 just last week.) I read every rumor leak and spec. sheet I could lay eyes on. I tallied several hours watching YouTube pre – launch demos, too. Each console looked excellent in its own right. I just couldn’t decide.

Despite my research, a single sentence repeated itself, “Your choice depends on the kind of gamer you are.” I thought, “How do I know what kind of gamer I am? I like what I like.” The more I thought about this, the more it seemed to be true. The answer I came up with was, “My Gamerscore.”

The days of checking your high score on the stand up video games at the local pizza place are long gone. No more handfuls of quarters for the table top Pac Man, defending your high score. You might remember when saying, “I’ve got the high score on NBA Jam at Pizza King” meant something. Today, Gamerscores have replaced those high scores. They say a lot more about the kind of gamer you are, too.

Your Gamerscore says something about you. Maybe you’re lone wolfing on multiplayer and have a good squad. You probably look at their “games played” list before thinking about sending a friend request.

For example. Xbox Halo players have a reputation for “jumping around all the time” – known as “Bumper Jump abuse”! Seeing Halo on their list might cause some gamers to give the friend request a pass. Similar examples abound, so I’ll spare further explanation.

Where does my next gen. story fit into the picture? High on the “pros” side of my “pros” and “cons” list was, “I’ll lose my Gamerscore if I switch.” Switching to PS4 meant losing my reputation in the gamer world. It’s my portfolio of sorts. Anyone can see the kind of gamer I am. It can all be a little “big brother” if you think about it too long!

Where does that leave us on the question of whether or not we are our Gamerscore, or, if we become our Gamerscore? Maybe our play style changes after playing a particular game for a while. That’s the game changing gamers. On the other hand, maybe other gamers see our unique play style, bend and shape it a bit, and fit it to their style of play. That’s gamers changing the game. Either way, it’s something to think about.

~ stickler4dakilz

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Gunslinger Gazette ~ Issue #6 ~ 2013 GS Games Awards Results

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This week’s issue of the Gunslinger Gazette is a special one. The polls have closed. All the votes have been counted. It is time to reveal the winners of the best games of 2013 as regarded by Gunslinger Gaming members!

This year’s Awards voting procedure was a little different than previous years. With the exception of the Game of the Year category (which was a radio button style poll based on the most popular votes made in the other categories), all the votes were write-in votes. Just like the previous few years, however, the Best Game of [Place Platform Here] categories were geared towards titles exclusive to that company.

Let’s get to it! Here are the winners of the 2013 Gunslinger Games Awards!

gta_5_girl_2_by_juniorbunny-d5jprej12013 Game of the Year: GRAND THEFT AUTO V
Last Year’s Winner: Borderlands 2
Notes: To say that GTAV was a success would be an understatement. The game broke sales records (upwards of 32.5 million units sold) while offering enough guilty pleasures to satisfy any deviant’s sweet tooth. Whether it was street racing, shooting up strip joints, or any other crime you could think of, Grand Theft Auto V had you covered. Here at GS, it is still one of the top reasons gamers join our group, already pulling in over 500 new members. Wouldn’t that make us an organized crime front?
Best Xbox360 Game of 2013: GEARS OF WAR: JUDGMENTgowj
Last Year’s Winner: Halo 4
Notes: Like last year, the pickings of games exclusively for the Xbox360 was pretty slim. Sure, there were some minor Kinect game releases and some digital downloads just for us Microsoft players, but Gears of War Judgment largely stood alone as a high-end 360-only release. That could be why it ran neck-to-neck with the multi-platform release, Grand Theft Auto V, in the votes. Regardless, GOW: Judgment is a great game, and the last installment to be released by Epic Games. Not to worry, however. Microsoft recently secured the exclusive rights to the franchise, so you can look forward to a Xbox One generation of running like a bull with a chainsaw.
Ellie_RenderBest Playstation 3 Game of 2013: THE LAST OF US
Last Year’s Winner: Journey
Notes: The Last of Us won this category by a landslide, accumulating more votes than all other games combined. Is that surprising? It shouldn’t be. The game amassed an extraordinary amount of high marks by “professional” critics and fans. Besides, the game was developed by Sony’s number-one studio, Naughty Dog, who had its other titles (i.e.: Uncharted and Jak) make appearances in previous Gunslinger Games Awards. The idea of The Last of Us was inspired by the moody yet touching novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and the shared sensibilities come through. The brutal yet sensitive narrative of the game left many gamers rethinking just what sort of storytelling can we expect from the gaming medium.
Best Wii U Game of 2013: SUPER MARIO 3D WORLDmariocat
Last Year’s Winner: New Super Mario Bros. U
Notes: The first year and two months of the Wii U was all about first party titles, so it only makes sense that Mario would come out on top. The game let players play as either Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad for the first time since Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) as they go through the semi-3D yet retro landscape of the Mushroom Kingdom. The game got plenty of approving nods by reviewers for its attention to unique gamplay. Poor Luigi. 2013 was supposed to be the Year of Luigi, and he lost to a cat suit.
Xbox One Game of 2013: FORZA 5
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Sure, The Xbox One only had two months to offer a selection of games, but it managed to do so with some noteworthy titles such as Ryse and Dead Rising 3. Forza 5, however, was the strong favorite among the Xbox One Gunslingers. The gorgeous graphics, clear attention to detail, and the high speed racing are bound to get any red-blooded gamer excited. Best yet, you don’t actually need to call Aflac when you wreck your car. Stupid talking duck…
Best Playstation 4 Game of 2013: KILLZONE: SHADOW FALLkzshadow
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: The PS4 sprung out of the next-gen gates swinging with Sony’s popular science fiction shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall. Visually beautiful, the game doesn’t betray the franchise’s PS2 and PS3 roots. In fact, Killzone 3 won Best PS3 Game of 2011. Already, Gunslinger members are streaming live their online carnage in Shadow Fall, making the rest of us who are waiting for tax time to snag a PS4 incredibly jealous. With free DLC and an emerging in-game clan system, this game will be a PS4 favorite among GS for sometime.
DOTA2Best PC Game of 2013: DOTA 2
Last Year’s Winner: Guild Wars 2
Notes: DOTA 2, the stand alone sequel to the Valve game, Defense of the Ancients, narrowly beat out Day Z and Marvel Heroes online to win this category. One should never bet against Valve. Or a free-to-play online battle arena game. You are welcome to join the rest of our Gunslingers Steam front in hacking and slashing your way to victory!
Last Year’s Winner: Kid Icarus: The Uprising
Notes: Link is second only to Mario when to comes to recitation in the Nintendo mascot family, and he certainly earned his keep on the 3DS front in 2013. A Link Between Worlds added modern flavor to the loveable puzzle-solving memories of past Zelda experiences, particularly A Link to the Past (SNES). Shifting perceptive and converting to a chalk outline, which is a little creepy when on thinks about it, to find a way through a dungeon added a whole new level to the experience, and fans showed their appreciation in the voting booth.
mercenaryBest Sony Vita Game of 2013: KILLZONE: MERCENARY
Last Year’s Winner: Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
Notes: The votes in this year’s Vita category was widely split between several titles. It shows that Gunslinger members were enjoying all sorts of gaming experiences on their Sony portable device. When the dust settled, however, Killzone: Mercenary nudged out Tearaway by a single vote. Vita hasn’t had a lot of luck with online shooters, so it is nice to see the developer Guerrilla Games step up and offer fans a good scratch for their FPS itch.
Best Action/Adventure Game of 2013: THE LAST OF USjoel
Last Year’s Winner: Assassin’s Creed III
Notes: This category had one of the more exciting races in votes this year. By a mere two votes, The Last of Us trumped a tied score between Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the second award given to The Last of Us by the Gunslingers, and well deserved! Story is king. Gamers still want a gripping single player experience. DICE, please repeat that three times to yourself before going to bed tonight.
diablo3Role-Playing/MMO Game of 2013: DIABLO III
Last Year’s Winner: Mass Effect 3
Notes: Thanks to a rather stable and excellent console port, Diablo III became eligible for 2013 polling. The Diablo franchise has never been on a console before unless you count the first one that was very briefly released on the Playstation One and was quickly recalled. Microsoft and Sony players finally got a chance to live the love of hacking-and-slashing our way to random loot drops. Blizzard didn’t disappoint. Say it with me, everyone, “Aw, sustenance!”
Best Shooter of 2013: BATTLEFIELD 4BF4_Ch_engineer
Last Year’s Winner: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Notes: Would saying that this category was a real shoot-out be too terrible of a pun? Perhaps, but it doesn’t make it less true. Battlefield 4 conquered Killzone: Shadow Fall by gathering two more votes than the Sony exclusive, and performing a old fashioned head-shot to Call of Duty: Ghosts by getting three more votes than it. A honorable mention must also be given to Bioshock: Infinite for receiving the fourth highest amount of votes by Gunslingers. All these figures are relevant since this category received the highest level of voter turn out this year. Despite some serious patching that needs to take place in Battlefield 4, it remains a Gunslinger favorite. Battlefield 3 had won as Best Shooter of 2011, after all.
Wonder_woman-injusticeBest Fighting Game of 2013: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US
Last Year’s Winner: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Notes: The fighting genre didn’t have a whole lot of notable entries in 2013, but Injustice: Gods Among Us would have been a tough contender regardless of the competition. It had the development team responsible for Mortal Kombat (the winner of this category in 2011, by the way) and the dark incarnations of the iconic cast of DC Comics. Have you ever wanted to see Wonder Woman kick the living crap out of Superman? How about Batman delivering a much needed kick to the jaw of Green Lantern? The allure was too great and Injustice easily won as Best Fighting Game of 2013.
Best Sports Game of 2013: NHL 14nhlplayers
Last Year’s Winner: FIFA 13
Notes: The sports category to the Awards has never NOT been a highly contested event. Carrying on the tradition of the winner winning by a single vote, NHL 14 beat out FIFA 14 this year. One vote. Perhaps that has something to do with the 2014 Winter Olympics. Either way, the Gunslingers have an active hockey club that everyone is welcome to join.
raymanBest Platformer of 2013: RAYMAN LEGENDS
Last Year’s Winner: New Super Mario Bros. U
Notes: It finally happened. A game has knocked the crown off of Mario’s head. This year marks the first time a Mario game has not won this category in the Gunslinger Games Awards. Rayman Legends offers gamers an engrossing art style and addicting gameplay that practically begs a player to chuck the controller across the room out of frustration, take a swig of soda, and pick the game right back up. That is the absolute definition of a great platformer experience, and Rayman Legends, which was available on all major gaming platforms (sorry, pun intended), did it better than any other game in 2013.
Racing Game of 2013: GRAN TURISMO 6maserati-granturismo
Last Year’s Winner: Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Notes: It hard not to admire the staying power of this long term simulation racing franchise. Gran Turismo’s attention to physics and giving all us gearheads a chance to look under some virtual hoods keeps the franchise among fan favorites. Currently, there is a racing league being set up for our Grand Turismo faction, so check it out and start swapping that paint on the tracks!
1370430826-the-last-of-us-renderBest Horror/Survival Game of 2013: THE LAST OF US
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: The Horror/Survival genre debuted in this year’s Awards as a category, and the turn out didn’t disappoint. Many Gunslingers opted to cast a vote in this category for games ranging from Dead Space 3 to State of Decay. The gripping tale in The Last of Us held supreme, however. True, there are many touching moments in the game, but they only have such a resonating effect on players because of the brutality of the game’s world. Your pulse will quicken and you will jump out of your seat when being chased down by a clicker. The Last of Us is downright scary on several levels that go beyond the typical “gotcha!” gimmicks.
Best Digital-Only Game of 2013: RESOGUN and STATE OF DECAY
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: After last year’s Best PS3 Game win by Journey, the writing was on the wall. Digital-only game releases are becoming more relevant every year. This year’s Awards is the first to have a Digital-Only category, and what an introduction it has made! All the votes were counted (twice), and we have a tie between Resogun and State of Decay. To add even more spice to the showdown between the two titles, Resogun is a PS4 digital release while State of Decay is a Xbox360 exclusive. Resogun is best described as a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up developed by the Finnish indie developer Housemarque. State of Decay is a third person open world stealth zombie-survival horror video game developed by Undead Labs. Later, Microsoft did publish State of Decay on Steam so all Microsoft players had an opportunity to play the game.
Favorite GS Clan Front of 2013: GRAND THEFT AUTO Vgtavtrevor
Last Year’s Winner: Battlefield 3
Notes: This category is not restricted by publication date. As long as the game had a clan front featured by the Gunslingers in 2013, it was an eligible choice. There were some interesting trends this year. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gathered more votes than Call of Duty: Ghosts. Battlefield 3 nearly had more than Battlefield 4. Neither match up could contend with the immense popularity of our Game of the Year selection, Grand Theft Auto V. The amount of mayhem the Gunslingers can do when on the GTA V servers together is boundless. May bounties keep being placed on our heads throughout 2014!
nes-console-with-controllerFavorite Game Released Prior 1995: MARIO KART (SNES), SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 (NES), and THE LEGEND OF ZELDA (NES)
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Really, the winner here is Nintendo. This write-in vote category was purposely designed to be extremely open-ended. As one of the largest gaming groups specifically for older gamers, the temptation was just too great. What games shaped all our collective childhoods? Could a common thread of experience be found? Turns out, it could, and that common thread is Nintendo. Two of the winners (Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda) were originally published on the NES, while Mario Kart was released on the Super Nintendo. Nintendo may be struggling to find its niche with the current generation of gamers, but it seems we owe some great memories to the Big N.
The Current/Next Gen Console Most Owned by Gunslingers: MICROSOFT XBOX360xbox360
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: When Gunslinger members were asked which consoles they owned during this generation of gaming, the Xbox360 was most frequently on the list. The Playstation 3 came in second with only three votes less, and the Nintendo Wii rounded out the top three selections. The Playstation 4 was listed 50% more than the XboxOne. The Nintendo 3DS tied with the PS4. The Sony Vita came in last place in regards to GSers mentioning it as part of their hardware library.
Hunter_RenderMost Anticipated Game in 2014: DESTINY
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: What does Bungie have up its sleeve? That seems to be the most paramount question in 2014. The company has finally branched out beyond the Halo franchise to explore different science fiction realms. We will need to wait and see how the game turns out, but one thing is for sure. There will most certainly be a Gunslingers clan front for the game. Honorable mentions include Titanfall and Mario Kart 8. Both games were popular answers as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to vote on and read the results of the 2013 Gunslinger Games Awards. REPLY TO THIS TOPIC to add your comments!

Gunslinger Gazette ~ Issue #5 ~ 8,000+ Members by the End of January

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Welcome to the fifth issue of the Gunslinger Gazette. In this issue, we are focusing on some of the updates and general announcements that have occurred during the second half of January 2014. Let’s get to it!

g2The Gunslingers Group is Over 8,000 Members Strong; Friend Usergroups to the Rescue!

Can you believe it? We are now well beyond the 8,000 member mark with no sign of slowing down in 2014. Thank you, everyone, for making Gunslingers such a success! It wouldn’t be such a success if it wasn’t for everyone’s willingness to send out invites and help new and returning members into the fold.

In the past, we have given public shout outs to all the new folks who join up with us. As awesome of a tradition that is, often, these new members are just added to a shout-out list, which can be impersonal and not as helpful in friend adding as one may assume. We want all our new members to have a fair shake at making the most out of the Gunslingers experience, so that is why an amended version of the GS Friends Usergroups have been put into action.

Now, any member who adds themselves to a PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox360, XboxOne, or PC Usergroup (see this post to see how) will be sent notifications every ten days that lists the name and game contact information of anyone who has added themselves to the Master Lists that fit within that Usergroup’s category. The next set of notifications will be sent out on January 31st, so get yourself added!

Gunslinger Games Awards Poll Close Soon; Game of the Year Category Added!vote

The Gunslingers community has been casting their votes in twenty-one different categories throughout all of January 2014 for their favorite 2013 titles. The polls close at the end of the month, so be sure to cast your vote before time runs out! Simply log into your GS account and view the Forum Index to see the red “Vote” icon displayed near the top of the page to start voting.

Since enough votes have already been gathered to see which titles are most often mentioned, a traditional-styled poll for 2013 Game of the Year has been published on the forum. You can view the nominations and cast your vote in this topic. Like with the rest of the ballot, this poll will close at the end of the month.

Ventrilo_logoGunslingers Voice Chat Server in Danger of Closing!

After several requests were made asking the Gunslingers to have a voice chat server to help communicate in games that didn’t have in-game voice chat support and who wished to avoid the sometimes resource-heavy Skype option, we added a Ventrilo server to the Gunslingers experience. It is one that I (McMurphy) pays to keep up. Unfortunately, our voice chat server is often empty. In case you don’t know about our Voice Chat server, you can read additional information about it by clicking HERE. Private message me if you are playing a game that you feel deserves its own channel on the server, and it will be added.

New Podcast Episode Published!gunslinger_gaming_podcast

The Gunslinger Gaming Podcast returns with another episode last week. This episode, the ninth such episode entitled All Roads Lead to Call of Duty: Ghosts, features Filoofo, Dunkaroo, Freddy, Tick, and McMurphy. We discuss the Best Sellers of 2013, the revised sales forecast of the Wii U, the framerates for Tomb Raider, the single player DLC for the Last of Us, the free DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall, the continued PS4 error corrupting save files, Candy Crush developers trademarking the word Candy, Battlefield 4 patches issues, and, somehow, all discussions lead back to Call of Duty Ghosts Double XP weekend.

Take a listen for yourself right here in the Gazette:

The podcast is also available via iTunes and as a direct download from the Gunslinger Gaming site. View the Gunslinger Gaming Podcast topic for listening options. You are also welcome to bookmark our RSS feed for the podcast at the following URL:


As mentioned in a prior Gazette issue, the longevity of Gunslinger membership is marked with bullet holes icons under everyone’s avatar in the GS Forums. Every bullet hole signifies a year as a registered member. Let’s take a gander of which active Gunslinger members have earned shrapnel in January 2014!

Five Year:

It should be noted that bullet holes showcase membership on the GS Forums. Since the Gunslingers clan didn’t have their own registered version of a forum until January 30th, 2009, these members predate the existence of the GS Forums. There will be more examples of this during the February round-up and notations will be given then as well.

Four Year:
John Rambo

Three Year:
Stubborn Puppet
Pikan Rikan
Chilly Husky

Two Year:

One Year:
Natty Ultra

Thank you all for your activity! Granted, there are plenty others that could be added to the above lists since this is reflecting only the GS members who have recent activity on the forums.

Until next time, kick it old school, Gunslingers! Leave comments about this article in THIS TOPIC.

GGZ Issue #4 ~ Member Spotlight – VykkDraygo Edition

January 16th, 2014 No comments

vykkIt has been awhile since our last Member Spotlight, so let’s change that with this edition of the Gunslinger Gazette! January 2014 is a great time to feature a Gunslinger member who has been here since 2008, which, actually, is prior to the days that we even had a registered domain for our group. I am taking about VykkDraygo! Back in July 2008, Vykk signed up on the freeware version of our community as a Mario Kart Wii player. In fact, he was the original leader for our Shellslingers front for the game. Most of you know him better now for his Grand Theft Auto V crime sprees on our Xbox360 front. Join us as we sit down and find out more about him and what has been keeping him busy the last few years.

GS: You are among the first on the Gunslinger Gaming Forums to be getting a fifth bullet hole, which represents the amount of years you have been registered here, on your profile. Seeing that you actually have been a GS member even longer than the registered site has existed, the group must seem quite different from 2008. What are your thoughts on the evolution of Gunslingers now that we are in 2014?

VykkDraygo: I was happy to see how many people have joined the ranks of GS! Surprised? Not at all! I’m glad to see that there are so many other people from all sorts of platforms who enjoy all sorts of games coming together to form a community!

Upon playing GTA V for the first time in the crew I felt like I hadn’t missed a beat! Everyone has been so nice, and very helpful!

GS: There was a quite of bit of time since your leadership days at GS and your (relatively) recent return as a Xbox360 member. What have you been up to for the last few years?

VykkDraygo: As you know I have a daughter (Abigale). She is 11 now, so as any father will attest to, I pretty much do whatever she wants! As far as gaming goes, I haven’t really been playing many online games (mostly because I was without an ISP), until I got GTA V and remembered how many immature players there are in the world.

GS: Being that you were once a Mario Kart Wii fanatic, what are your thoughts on the Wii U and the pending release of Mario Kart 8?

VykkDraygo: Honestly I have never played the Wii U. I’m sure Nintendo will do a great job job with it.

GS: You are quite active on the Grand Theft Auto V front. How are you liking the game? What are your impressions on how Rock Star has been handling such a daunting task as a massive multiplayer online experience?

VykkDraygo: I hear a lot of people complain about Rock Star putting out a game the “wasn’t ready” but in my opinion they did a great job. Never before have I seen a game where you can do so many different things with one title. If I feel like racing, I race, if I feel like fragging people I have many different options for that. My only complaint would be the recent influx of people glitching money and hacking the game, which Rock Star seems to have under control now…

GS: If memory serves me right, you are a Raiders fan. Being that the

Vykk with ex Raiders player, Roland Williams.

Vykk with ex Raiders player, Roland Williams.

Raiders didn’t get to the Playoffs, who are you hoping will win the Super Bowl?

VykkDraygo: Your memory does serve you right! Being from Western NY I have a soft spot for the Buffalo Bills as well. Do you remember why the tuck rule was created? I’ll never forget! Therefore as long as Tom Brady and his Patriots don’t win another one I’ll be happy! Maybe if Denver wins Manning will retire…

GS: Are you still residing in New York? If so, how did the recent historic Arctic temperatures in your neck of the woods affect your daily activity?

VykkDraygo: Being from NY, and more accurately Western NY (about 2 miles from Lake Ontario, in Rochester) we are well prepared for snow! That being said, I have my daughter living with me now, and they cancelled school (for 1 day) so we had a day in!

GS: Back when you first signed up, we didn’t even have an area for folks to create Introduction topics. In some ways, you are re-introducing yourself to the community. How would your Introduction look if written today? What is something that your fellow GTA V players would be surprised to learn about you?

Did you know that "Vykk Draygo" is an alias of Hans Solo?

Did you know that “Vykk Draygo” is an alias of Hans Solo?

VykkDraygo: I think I would just put a Hello out there. I’m actually kind of shy but when it comes to playing online I don’t have any reservations because I can stay semi anonymous! Also Vykk Draygo comes from a Star Wars novel! It’s the name Han Solo used as his first ever alias, and in later books he refers to it as his favorite alias (though it the later books he it was spelled differently).

GS: Are you still a Star Wars fan? What do you think of the fact that, since Disney has acquired the franchise, there are three more films on the way?

VykkDraygo: I’m still a huge star wars fan! I’m an optimist (as far as that goes). I’m happy there are going to be more original works made. I’ve read most of the books, and I think some series would make great movies, but who wants to see them screw up my version of how I perceive it. Ask me again after the next movie comes out!

GS: Aside from Star Wars, what other films and television series have you gotten heavily into in recent years?

VykkDraygo: I love The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and True Blood. The Marvel superhero movies (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man) have been great! On that note I’ve been watching and enjoying Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

GS: And, as our tradition demands, what is your favorite drink?

VykkDraygo: I prefer to smoke, but when I do drink it’s usually Captain and coke.

Thank you, Vykk, for returning to the Gunslingers to enjoy another generation of gaming fun and for taking the time to answer this interview. Readers, thank you for making it a point to learn more about a fellow member. You are welcome to leave comments about this interview HERE!

Gunslinger Gazette ~ Issue #3 ~ 2014 to be the Year of the Gunslinger

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Happy New Year, Gunslingers! By this point, we have all had the chance to shake off the “effects” of our New Year celebrations and promptly return our noses to the grindstone. Hopefully, the holiday season resulted in you having a few more toys to play with in 2014. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a homicidal innkeeper with a creepy son who screeches “Redrum” all the time. Maybe that isn’t how the saying really goes, but you get the point. Here is the latest news on the Gunslinger frontier!

rarrfeatureNew Year Site Images and What is With That Dinosaur?

As many of you may have noticed in the week leading up to the New Year, all our site images were converted to our “Happy New Year” set. Like with Christmas and Halloween, the decorations have been dusted off and put up every year for some time now. I imagine some of you saw the child drawn image of a dinosaur in the banner and thought, “What the Hell is that about?”

That is our “Rarr” meme that has existed since 2009. As legend has it, a GS member was doing an Google image search for some material to include in a Gunslinger member banner and stumbled across that dinosaur drawing. It struck him as hilarious (this was during Frosty Pints, after all), and a whole array of members joined in with Photoshopping the Rarr dinosaur into family photos, classic artwork, movie posters, and famous stock footage. The Gunslingers-made meme even got referenced in at least one meme database site! Anyway, it (in a strange way) only made sense that “Rarr” made his way into one of our holiday banners. You can view many, many examples of this meme and even post your own creations in The Rarr Meme thread.

The 2013 Gunslinger Games Awards!vote

It is time once again for the Gunslingers community to collective vote for our favorite games that were released during 2013. A lot of exciting things happened in the video game industry last year, so let’s see how we feel about them. This year’s edition of the Gunslinger Games Awards wielding twenty-one categories has more voting polls than ever before. The polls will be open until the end of January, so cast your votes! The results will be published in a Gazette edition in February. For more information and the link to the voting booth, view THIS THREAD.

twitch_screencapMore Gunslingers Add Themselves to GS Live Feeds Feature!

In the last couple weeks, Gunslinger members xXdrewbaccaXx, gspsychedelic, BobaFett86, Scars311, beefalot1975, Okattabukkyoto, and D-Majestic had added their Twitch accounts to the GS Live Feeds feature. From it, you can easily reference who is currently stream live gameplay, toggle between feeds, chat in the main GS text chat, and even send comments directly to the broadcaster all on one site page. Watch your fellow Gunslingers broadcast HERE. You can submit your own Twitch Feed to be included in this feature HERE.

Usergroups to Help with Friend Finding!user_groups4

Starting in 2014, we are trying out a new forum feature in hopes to help out with finding fellow Gunslingers who are actively looking for more friend-adds on their console of choice. Now, all registered GS members can, via their User Control Panel, add themselves to a PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne, Wii U, and/or PC Friends usergroup if they wish to let others know that they are looking to add more Gunslinger friends. Click any of the usergroup links, which are showcased at the bottom of the forum index, to see who else has added themselves to your preferred platforms and send out invites! Every month, these usergroups will be cleared out and people will re-add themselves to the usergroups to keep the feature relevant to the most active people. Try it out!

g2New Year! New Members!

Maybe it is because Santa was particular good to some gamers, but the Gunslingers swelled in its membership over the holidays. Tip your hat to the following greenhorns who were are lucky to count among us:

lord nuske
I SirPsycho I
Toilet Feast
Z MAN June1961
NA Legion
Dr Rabies
Chris EK9
Armed Andy19
Flow clicker

Wow! Thank you all for joining and welcome to the Gunslingers! That is 137 new members since the last Gazette issue! For all the new members, be sure to check out our Master Lists and add yourself to them if you have already. Also, don’t be shy! Send out friend invites with a note attached such as “From GS” to other members on those Lists. It is why they are there! On the flip side, long time Gunslingers, by sure to revisit the Master Lists section of the GS Forums because the odds are there are plenty of new members to add to your friend roster for the games you are playing.

Join us for the next Gazette issue where, among other things, we congratulate the more active Gunslinger members who have earned another bullet hole on the profile.

Gunslinger Gazette ~ Issue #2 ~ Holiday Spirit Lock ‘N Loaded

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Gunslinger Gazette, Issue #2, December 18th, 2013.

Fellow Gunslingers, we are getting ever closer to Christmas! Before we all get incredibly distracted by present wrapping, road trips, and that perpetually drunk, rude relative of yours (oh, we all have ‘em!), let’s take a moment to see what has been happening the virtually saloon we call Gunslinger Gaming.

merry-christmas-card-thekilonsparklesChristmas Card/Poem

In the premiere issue of the Gunslinger Gazette we discussed the Holiday-themed graphics that have been added throughout the GS site. One of our members, stickler4dakilz, has published a fun Christmas card in the form of a poem entitled, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – or Christmas Eve at the Gunslinger Ranch.” Here is an excerpt of his creativity:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in a dusty saloon,
Three trail – weary ‘Slingers, knew St. Nick would show soon.
Their consoles – next gen – on shelves placed with care,
In hopes that Star Wars: Battlefront, soon would be there!

“McMurphy looks tired,” Filoofo said,
While visions of Mario, danced in Murph’s head.
Dunkaroo gasped, then jumped to his feet,
“It’s one a.m., Christmas! Let’s get to sleep!”

When just before dawn, they heard such a clatter,
They sprang from their beds, to see what was the matter.
First Filo, then Dunk, put ear to wood,
McMurphy just whispered, “Man, this can’t be good.”

You can read the entire work in the Creative Corner of the Gunslinger Gaming forum. Better yet, you can download the holiday card version of said poem directly from stickler4dakilz’s blog!

Gaming Rafflesthe-last-of-us-promo-pic

We have two raffles going on at the moment thanks to the generosity of your fellow GS members. First, stryk187 gave away a free digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia to our Wii U crowd. It is the complete, official history of everything Legend of Zelda, complete with illustrations, sources, and detailed articles. Congratulations to gspsychedelic for winning the raffle! Everyone can view the announcement of the winner in the raffle announcement.

On the Sony side of Gunslingers, Winged_Human has offered up a full, free digital version of the PS3 mega hit, The Last of Us. If you own a PS3 and haven’t played this game yet, you are missing out! Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us takes the zombie genre to new heights. Simply reply to its own raffle announcement for a chance to win. You have Christmas to do so!

gunslinger_gaming_podcastGunslinger Gaming Podcast Episode #8 Published

It has been a while since the last installment of the official GS podcast, so we have returned to discuss our initial reactions to the epic releases of the PS4, XboxOne, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts along with the current woes of the Wii U. This episode features Gunslinger members Filoofo, Fed Architect, Dunkaroo, and McMurphy. If you are interested in taking part in a future episode of the podcast, share your interest in our podcast topic.

You will also find all the download links to previous episodes as well. Here is an embedded version of the podcast:

New Forum Code Added

We are also expanding on what members can do while posting in the Gunslingers Forums. This time, the update comes in the form of a new BBCode folks can use in posts and signatures. By placing what you wish to say and what you would like to pop up when someone hovers over your text between the “[note][/note]” tags, you can add further thoughts on a specific segment of your post. If that was confusing, take a look of an example already made in its announcement post.

GS*Toledo to Marry on 12/27/13wedding-rings-wallpaper1

Another member will be entering the married life at the end of this month. Toledo shared his marriage announcement in the Gunslingers Forums, so send congratulations (and, perhaps, sage marriage tips) his way in his “Getting Married…” topic!

g2Gunslinger Greenhorns

Since the last installment of the Gunslinger Gazette, new members are still pouring into our game rosters. Let’s take a moment give a Gazette tip of the hat to all the greenhorns who have walked through our virtual saloon doors since December 9th:

Nok Reject
Ford Pinto
Whitty 11c
WC xXOutLawzXx

Welcome to the Gunslingers and thank you all for joining! What is even more impressive than seeing fifty-nine fellow older gamers join up with us is that nearly all of them have posted Introduction topics and/or added themselves to a game Master List. So, in the Holiday Gunslinger spirit, check them out and get gaming with them!

New Bullet Holes Earnedbulletholesmod3

Not only are their a lot of new faces among us, but we also have a lot of excellent, active gamers celebrating another year as a Gunslinger member. Remember, we award bullet holes to people’s profiles for every year they are a member. Of the most active members, GS*jayray810, and GS*Demon15 have gotten their fourth bullet hole, GS*Dclause1, GS*big rusty, and Battle Hamster have gotten their third bullet hole, GS*vhr2121 and GS*TatisNelson have gotten their second bullet hole, and GS*FriekNL, GS*a microorganism, GS*ramblingjordan, GS*RedMetalHunter, along with GS*TheGnomeRanger have received their first bullet hole this week! Thank you for your continued active membership! Stay tuned for the next Gazette edition as we celebrate member anniversaries taken place on December 19th and onward.

GTA5-Article-TopGrand Theft Auto V GS Club Color

There is an open poll for members to vote on the color of the Gunslinger Gaming in-game Clubs for GTA V. Whichever color gets the most votes will be the color of the Clubs in-game. Everyone has until December 23rd to cast his/her vote. Currently, pink is winning. Um, really? Are we trolling ourselves?

Call of Duty: Ghosts Oahu Clan War

Last week concluded the second official Clan War for the Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of the in-game clans, “Gunslingers” finished fourth in its division while “Gunslingers2” snatched first place; thus, bumping the group up to the silver division. Great job, everyone! Get information for the third Clan War by visiting our “Ghosts Clan Wars Operations!” topic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s edition of the Gunslinger Gazette!

Gunslinger Gazette Premier Issue ~ Week of December 8th, 2013

December 8th, 2013 No comments


Welcome to first addition to the Gunslinger Gazette! Since all members now have their own blogs in the Gunslinger Gaming Forums, it seemed confusing to have two features with the same name. Likewise, changing the Gunslinger Gaming Blog to the Gunslinger Gazette is the perfect opportunity to include new articles and activity to our WordPress feature. With that in mind, let’s begin the first issue of the Gunslinger Gazette, where we share an overview of recent news within the Gunslingers community!

xmas_bannerChristmas is coming!

Like so many people with home decor during this time of the year, the Gunslingers do the equivalent of blowing off the dust from the box wielding our seasonal decorations. We now have holiday themed graphics on all website pages, including the forum. Our facebook group even got into the Christmas spirit!

To reflect the joyous time of year, every new game installed in the Gunslingers Arcade will be holiday themed. The (snow)ball was put in motion just this Sunday with the game, “Holiday Wordscramble.” Re-order those letters to spell out holiday messages and try to get your name on the highscore list!

New Staff Members!

The winter season proves to be a busy time of the year for the Gunslingers, so we have added a few extra helping hands to Staff roster. These additions will help new and old members alike get in game and promote game contact swapping. Here are the new staff members and their associated roles:

Enemyonwheels [Sony Leader]
Beagles329 [Sony Leader]
Chilly Husky [Microsoft Leader]
Wikilectual [Microsoft Leader]

You can view the entire Staff team information on our GS Staff page. You may also notice something a bit strange when it comes to Wikilectual’s listing. He has a picture of Rick Moranis representing him. As a tongue-in-cheek tradition, we randomly assign 1980s cinema stars as avatar pictures for Staff members who don’t wish to share their real pictures online. This tradition started back with 4thMason, who was represented as Kevin Bacon. It annoyed him so greatly that we can’t but help carry on the tradition!

Twitch/Live Feed Integration

The writing is on the wall. The next generation of gaming will be all about making giving the average gamer the ability to stream live game footage with a great amount of ease. That is why we now have the Live Feeds page. On it, members can view who is currently streaming live, select which stream they would like to watch from a drop-down menu, and even chat in both the GS Text Chat along with the Twitch message box all from a single Gunslinger Gaming page. If you would like to add your live stream account to the library, you can do so by replying to the “Post Your Twitch Account Here!” topic in the GS Forums.

The Next Generation of Consoles is NOWxbox-one-green-banner-540x303

As alluded to above, the next generation of consoles is now fully upon us. Finally! Nintendo has the Wii U. Sony has the Playstation 4. Microsoft has the Xbox One. These developments also ushers in a new era for the Gunslingers. For the first time in a long time, members now have the pleasure of amassing a new friend roster for a new console. If you haven’t done so already, add your gaming contact to the Xbox One Master List, the PS4 Master List, and/or the Wii U Master List. Also, keep checking back! To get the most out of the Gunslingers experience, you will want to send out invites to everyone else on those lists. Gunslingers is all about having a good time, and the party gets bigger the more people you invite.

gunslingers_division_goldCall of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars

Congratulations to all the Gunslinger members taking part in the new in-game Clan War feature of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Despite the feature being barely operational as an application, we have already had both fun and success. Presently there are two GS in-game clans winning achievements and associated patch unlocks: Gunslingers and Gunslingers2.

Thank you, Gunslingers, for your patience and understanding as GS Leaders coordinate the operations despite severe function issues. This new Ghosts feature could be quite a unique experience if it ever works properly.

The Gunslingers in-game clan finished first in its Gold Division, while Gunslingers2 finished second in their Bronze division. That is fantastic! Enjoy the perks! If you would like to getting the latest news in regards to the second clan war (which is about to end in mere hours), check out the “Clan Wars Operations” topic in the Gunslinger Gaming Forums.

New Members Welcome

The first eight days of December has brought a lot of new internet travelers to our saloon doors. Let’s take a moment and welcome them aboard:

kell kills
Iron Range MC
g33k hack3rs
MLG Broderick

Welcome to the Gunslingers and thank you all for joining! With seventy-five new members in just a eight day period, there are plenty of folks look to get in game with the rest of us. Most of them have already posted Introduction topics, added themselves to a Master List, or both. All of them are just like you when you first joined the Gunslingers: looking to make some friends and game with some laid back gamers. Let’s make them feel truly welcome!

Thank you all for reading the first issue of the Gunslinger Gazette. Please return here to read a recap of all the latest news and activity taking place in the Gunslingers community.

Gunslingers Founder

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