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The Results of the 2010 Gunslinger Games Awards Are In!

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2010 marked not only a great year for gamers with all sorts of tastes in genres and gameplay, but it was also an amazing year for Gunslinger Gaming. Never before had so many fellow adult gamers have had the opportunity to vote in video game orientated polls exclusively for us older gamers. How did we cast our votes? Which games proved to be our favorites?

Here are the results for 2010 GS Game Awards!

Best Nintendo Wii Game of 2010

Best Nintendo Wii Game of 2010: GOLDENEYE 007
Runner Up: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Last Year’s Winner: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex
Notes: One can never underestimate the power of nostalgia for Nintendo Wii owners. This Nintendo exclusive title tapped into the fond memories of the gamers who thoroughly cut their teeth on the first person shooter genre with the Nintendo 64 original of GoldenEye. As probably the best movie adaption video game title to ever be released, the remake published by Activision did not disappoint. As a group for parent and adult gamers, it is no surprise that the Gunslingers voted nostalgic title as their favorite Nintendo Wii title of 2010.


Best Playstation 3 Game of 2010: CALL OF DUTY:

Best PS3 Game of 2010

Runner Up: Heavy Rain
Last Year’s Winner: Uncharted 2
Notes: The best selling video game of all time, Black Ops, proved to also be one of the most popular titles featured at Gunslinger Gaming. Not only that, this mega blockbuster of a title also helped usher in the fastest growth in membership at GS in its history. At the time of the 2010 Awards results being finalized, the Playstation 3 division of our Black Ops community had over 230 Gunslingers registered on our contact Master List for the game.


Best Xbox360 Game of 2010

Best Xbox360 Game of 2010: CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS
Runner Up: Mass Effect 2
Last Year’s Winner: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Notes: It only seems right that our Xbox360 community voted Black Ops as the best game of 2010. The game was certainly built from the ground up with Microsoft in mind. Thanks to this historic video game title, the Gunslingers has been enjoying the largest number of Xbox memberships ever. With a Xbox360 Black Ops Master List containing over 200 registered GS members, Xbox360 Gunslingers are here to stay.


Runner Up: N/A in a tie.

Tie for Best PC Game of 2010

Last Year’s Winner: Plants vs. Zombies & Sims 3
Notes: The Gunslinger PC community stands divided once again in regards to their favorite PC game. Like last year, this year ended in a tie. Black Ops entertained the running and gunning souls while Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty engrossed the science fiction fans in intergalactic war strategy. Now, if Call of Duty would only get on top of making that space shooter, our PC community will be unified in fandom.


Best DS Game of 2010

Runner Up: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Last Year’s Winner: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Notes: The Dragon Quest franchise, while amazingly popular in Japan, has always struggled in sales when it came to sales in the Western hemisphere. That has all changed with the Dragon Quest IX, and Gunslinger members reflected that boost in popularity. With virtually unlimited replay value and customization, Dragon Quest IX launched the franchise in new territory yet stayed firmly rooted in the formula of previous titles it builds itself upon.


Best Sony PSP Game of 2010: KINGDOM HEARTS:

Best PSP Game of 2010

Runner Up: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Last Year’s Winner: Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Notes: If the PSP and the DS winners say anything about the Gunslingers taste, it is that we love our role playing games by Square Enix when it comes to handheld devices. The Kingdom Hearts franchise, which bizarrely yet successfully combines the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasty, has earned itself a rather large cult following. Now, if only Square Enix would put out that Playstation 3 Kingdom Hearts title…


Tie for RPG of 2010

Best Role Playing Game of 2010: DRAGON QUEST IX & MASS EFFECT 2
Runner UP: N/A in a tie
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: One would think that there would never be a scenario in which the Nintendo DS and the Xbox360 crowd would butt heads, there is when it comes to the Gunslingers taste in role playing games. Dragon Quest IX appealed to Nintendo DS owners with a taste for Japanese themed role playing games, while Xbox360 owners couldn’t get enough of the somewhat new genre of futuristic action role playing games. Somehow I get the feeling that there will never be a Dragon Effect cross-over.


Best Shooter of 2010: CALL OF DUTY: BLACK

Best Shooter of 2010

Runner Up: GoldenEye 007
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: If there is one category that the Gunslingers are united on, it is the Shooter category. Black Ops easily won this for best shooter thanks to the collective voice of our Xbox360, PC, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 members.


Best Racer of 2010

Best Driving Game of 2010: GRAN TURISMO 5
Runner Up: ModNation Racers and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: What is arguably the best realistic simulation racing franchise ever came back with a vengeance with Gran Turismo 5. On and offline multiplayer racing. A pantheon of real, bad-ass race cars. Attention to physics. What else could you ask for? Well, don’t ask the GS combat racing crowd that question.


Best Platform Game of 2010: SUPER MARIO GALAXY

Best Platformer of 2010

Runner Up: Donkey Kong Country Returns
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Nintendo has always been strong when it comes to publishing platform titles, and 2010 was no exception. Both the winner and the runner up were Nintendo Wii exclusive titles that perfectly captured the nostalgic child in all of us. Since Super Mario Galaxy 2 earned a perfect 10 rating from both IGN.com and Gamespot.com (the only game of this video game console generation to do so), it is no surprise that the Gunslingers give it the collective nod.


Best Adventure Game of 2010

Best Action/Adventure Game of 2010: RED DEAD REDEMPTION
Runner Up: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Game developer, Rock Star, single highhandedly brought the Old West back into the forefront of the video game experience. The game offers hundreds of hours of offline gameplay even before a person logs online for some shooting action. It also seemed all too right to start featuring Red Dead Redemption on the Gunslingers 3rd anniversary.


Best Music/Dance Game of 2010: GUITAR HERO:

Best Music/Dance Game of 2010

Runner Up: DJ Hero 2
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Big plastic buttons instead guitar strings or not, the Guitar Hero popularized a gamer’s love for interacting with rock music. Perhaps Warriors of Rock winning the category is a fitting tribute to a franchise that has been discontinued by Activision as of February of 2011.


Best Sports Game of 2010

Best Sports Game of 2010: MADDEN NFL 2011
Runner Up: FIFA Soccer 2011
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: It should be noted that this category was caught in a tie between Madden and Fifa until the very end. By a single vote, Madden NFL 2011 won the category. I blame the vuvuzela.


Favorite Game Featured at GS: CALL OF DUTY:

Favorite Featured Game

Runner Up: GoldenEye 007
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: Taking into account of all the games featured at the Gunslingers since its inception, Black Ops took home the title. Perhaps that was predictable. It did usher in the most members for a single title in GS history, and it is the most recent addition to the community. What actually is the surprising story in all this is what game did not get a single vote. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It was the only featured game. Even Jak X which had its online server pulled back in 2008 got a vote. Activision, not Infinity Ward, may have got the last laugh as it stands at the Gunslingers. Even the runner up in this category is an Activision title.


Best GS Arcade Game of 2010

Best GS Arcade Game of 2010: DONKEY KONG JR
Runner Up: Battleball, Connect Four, Resident Evil, & Word Jam
Last Year’s Winner: N/A
Notes: The Gunslinger Arcade, unlike so many other gaming forums out there, is customizable with the ability to hand pick flash games from an infinite library. Donkey Kong JR, an accurate adaption of the 1980s Game ‘N’ Watch Nintendo handheld title, proved to be king. Balki currently holds the high score, and this administrator is willing to pay someone under the table to knock him off his throne.


That concludes this year’s Gunslinger Games Awards. Thank you all for voting and for reading the results. May 2011 prove to be another fantastic year!

  1. February 18th, 2011 at 19:18 | #1

    No surprise to see so much Call of Duty again this year… obviously it’s a GS favorite and surely caters to the online play that makes GS what it is.

    I’m proud to see Kingdom Hearts win for best PSP game! It surely was an amazing game. I wish it would have released on a bigger platform for more to experience it.. but still well done!

    I should probably get to playing Dragon Quest 9 more… apparently it’s a great game, eh? :)

    Thank you everyone who participated!

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