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October 2012 Member Spotlight – Hermit Grimm Edition

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The new Gunslinger, Hermit Grimm, swaggered through our saloon doors for some rounds of Borderlands 2. Before he loots TOO many chests or kills TOO many raiding mutants, let’s get to know the man behind the controller a little bit better. Without further adieu, here is the interview with our brother Grimm!

GS: You were part of the record-breaking wave of new members who signed up during the week of September 21st for Borderlands 2. What are your thoughts on the game thus far? Also, have you had a chance to co-op with any fellow GSers for the game yet?

Hermit Grimm: I have been able to game with a few GS members. Though not as much as I’d like. Laynas has been especially fun to group with. I believe he’s another fairly new member and the games I’ve managed to play with him and the few others I’ve managed to wrangle up at my odd play times have definitely been memorable experiences. As for borderlands 2, initially I was stoked I believe I was one of the first GS members to make it all the way to 50. I just wish there was more to do once there. So I started over again. Attempting to lead GS teams when I could to help others reach the so called “end game”. And recently with the new mechromancer DLC in convinced gearbox expects people to enjoy the journey to 50 and are unconcerned with people who have “finished” the game. Perhaps that will change, but either way I’ve got 5 characters now to take through this amazing game.

GS: Within your Introduction, you mention that you log in some long hours as a Industrial Mechanic. What is exactly involved in that role, and how did you happen to get involved that line of work?

Hermit Grimm: As far as my job goes, I work on production lines as a mechanic for Hillshire Brands (previously Sara Lee Foods) making sure the various machines and assembly lines work the way their supposed to. As far as how I got into it, it honestly just seemed a natural progression after dropping out of college with a partially finished structural engineering degree. Not my proudest moment but considering what I make now, I’m pretty darn lucky all things considered.

GS: Have you gamed all your life? If so, what was your first home console and favorite game as a child?

Hermit Grimm: My first game system I’d have to say was a DOS based PC on which I heavily played the original Duke Nukem. Followed shortly after by an NES and Super Mario. But yes I have gamed nearly my entire life and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

GS: Both your GS Forum name and your Xbox360 gamertag is “Hermit Grimm.” How did you decide on the alias, and is there a story behind it?

Hermit Grimm: I’ve always been a bit of a “Hermit” between growing up as a military brat and later after my father retired growing up as an Iowa farm boy I’ve always been on the outskirts. Just a bit away from normal whatever that happens to be. So I took the Gamertag Hermit with pride feeling I was the outsider with a wider perspective. The “yoda” amongst my group of friends. Sorry for the Star Wars reference. Grimm comes from my college days, my friends and I took on the title of the Brothers Grimm through our fascination of all things both fantasy and historical. Not unlike a lot of gamers I’m sure.

GS: You have also mentioned in the forums that you enjoy boating and swimming. Where in the United States do you reside? Are there other hobbies that keep you entertained outside of the work week?

Hermit Grimm: As I mentioned before I do live In Iowa, unfortunately. Right next to a very sizable lake. As a military brat I learned to love surfing. Although I can no longer do that, my love of the water hasn’t changed. The rest was just a natural progression, I suppose. As far as other hobbies, I do work on my car regularly, though that’s more of a necessity than a hobby as its literally as old as I am, and of course I game every chance I get.

GS: You are the subject of October’s Member Spotlight, which is the month of Halloween. Do you have any fond Halloween memories? For you, what movie/game/television series best personifies the holiday?

Hermit Grimm: Halloween is a strange subject. I’ve never been asked about it before. But as far as movies from the past that remind me of it, I’d have to go with Earnest Scared Stupid. Yes, I know it’s a cheesy old school bad comedy. But that’s what Halloween is to me. It’s not scary, it’s comical in a very silly way. Fond memories of this particular holiday are few and far between aside from the hordes of candy I would bring back and sort with my friends.

GS: Do you enjoy watching any sports? If so, which ones? Do you have a favorite team?

Hermit Grimm: I do greatly enjoy watching American football (not soccer). Growing up how I did the team of my birthplace, The Atlanta Falcons, kind of became one of those unchanging pillars I depended upon. Not that they haven’t randomly sucked from time to time lol.

GS: The rumor is that the next Microsoft console will be almost exclusively geared towards digital copies of games. Is that a change in the industry that you welcome or dread?

Hermit Grimm: With the creation of larger and larger hard drives and Steams obvious take over of PC game sales, I just see this as another step forward. Whether we like it or not, nothing ever successfully stands in the way of technological progress. That just seems to be the human way of things.

GS: Real or otherwise, what person do you consider as a personal hero?

Hermit Grimm: This ones easy. As a gamer and a nerd it has to be Gary Gygax, for those of you uninformed he is the deceased creator of the original Dungeons and Dragons and arguably the founder of RPG’s as we know them. A true visionary and gamer. R.I.P. Gary. You will be missed.

GS: And, for the toughest question you will ever be asked, what is your favorite drink?

Hermit Grimm: This is a tough one! My most common drink would definatly be beer, Bud Heavy or a nice Sam Adams depending on the budget. But as far as favorite I’d have to say its Vodka, Svedka or other highly distilled brands to be specific. That bottom shelf stuff is just begging for gut rot.

And on a personal note I’d just like to say thank you to this amazing community. Both in game and here on the forums GS has never felt like anything less than a really, really large group of friends. One that I’m proud to be a part of!

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