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November 2012 Member Spotlight – Spooky Edition

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A father. A husband. A veteran. Those are just some roles our friend, GS*Spooky, fill that make him so interesting. We are fortunate enough to refer to him as a fellow member since he first joined our group back in October 2012. With luck, you have run into him on the forums, in chat, or on the Battlefield 3 servers. Please join us in learning more about Spooky, about his love for horror films, and why you may see him at the local Gamestop buying Skylander figurines.

GS: Before we go too far, let’s address the terrible storm label “Hurricane Sandy.” Being that you reside in New Jersey, are you and your family safe? What has been your personal experience with this force of nature?

Spooky: First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone that showed their concern and support of us Gunslingers in the storm’s path. Growing up in this part of the county, we never had to deal with many natural disasters. In the past year we had two hurricanes, two earthquakes, two nor’easters, and a derecho. The news is saying that another nor’easter is going to hit us this week.

As far as Hurricane Sandy, the New Jersey Coast is decimated. Fortunately, my family and I live far enough inland that we did not suffer much damage. We lost power only for a few minutes and some minor flooding. We were/are very fortunate because we are surrounded by complete devastation. I am sure you all have witnessed the disaster on the television. It will take many, many months for any sense of normalcy to return here.

GS: You joined the Gunslingers as a Xbox360 player for Battlefield 3 on October 3rd, 2012. Which fellow members did you first game with in game? Is there any advice you would give other new members in regards to getting one’s self running and gunning with others?

Spooky: I was always a Call of Duty gamer. I started playing multiplayer games when COD 4 was released to the world. I was so disgruntled with Modern Warfare 3 that I totally stopped playing it. I thought I would go out and purchase Battlefield 3 because I heard lots of great things about it. After playing Battlefield 3 for a little while I thought I would look for a platoon to play with. I found the Gunslinger recruiting thread on Battlelog and applied.

Once in the Platoon, I remember playing my first games with the infamous duo of Tick and Dunkaroo. I know there were more Gunslingers in the game but their names escape me. Tick and Dunk made my adjustment into the community an easy one. They were great to play with and easy to talk to. They made me feel at home right away.

As far as giving advice to new comers, I suggest you get your names on the master lists and jump right into the matches. Don’t be shy. Be active in the forums and have fun. This is a great community where everyone treats each other with respect and everyone has the same mentality. It’s all about gaming and fun.

GS: In your profile, you state you are a Iraq Combat Veteran. What was your role while serving? Are you the first in your family to serve or are you from military line?

Spooky: Yes, I am an Iraq war veteran. I joined the United States Army a year after I graduated high school. I enlisted in 1996 where I went to basic training. My MOS was 11M (Mechanized Infantry). I was a gunner on a Bradley fighting vehicle. I was stationed in FT Stewart, GA and Camp Hovey Korea. After Korea, I returned to New Jersey and I went to college to get my degree in Network Management. Thanks to the ARMY my college education was paid for.

After 9/11 happened, I re-enlisted in the Army Reserve. I changed my MOS to 38A (Special Operations / Civil Affairs Specialist). I was deployed to Romania in January 2003 where we were being held prior to the start of the war. In March 2003, we were flown into Iraq for the start of the war. My unit flew into Irbil, Iraq which is in the northern part of the country. There we were attached to 3rd Special Forces Group and made our way down to the city of Kirkuk. Once in place, our job was to help clear the city of Sadaam’s loyalists. Once complete, we were tasked out to “rebuild” the infrastructure of Kirkuk; i.e.: police, fire, education, government. I spent a total of 15 months deployed.

GS: Speaking of your profile, why did you pick the username, “Spooky”?

Spooky: I came up with Spooky simply because I am a stickler for horror flicks. I enjoy the tense, dark, and spookiness of horror films. I have been a fan since my early teenage years. I relish all the work that goes into the costumes and make up. There is nothing like a good scare.

GS: What was the first game you ever played? Being a father, how has being a gamer affected the way you purchase, participate, and/or supervise your own children’s gaming habits, if at all?

Spooky: I can remember way back when playing Mike Tysons Punch Out and Tecmo Bowl. Not too sure if they were one of the first games I played or not. I am lucky if I can remember what I did last weekend, let alone something 30 years ago. LOL. With my son only being seven years old, I try to keep the gaming to a certain limit. My son is heavily involved in sports so that takes up most of his and my time. I purchased the Wii and an Xbox for him to use. He is not allowed on Xbox live. He mainly plays sports games and is big into Sky Landers on the Wii. Most of the other games he has for his systems are family fun games. We have Mario Kart on the Wii and the whole family battles each other on that one. I must admit that I get my butt kicked by him every time. He is not allowed to play on “Daddy’s” Xbox unless we play a game together. I introduced him to Black Ops, and we played some matches against each other in Combat Training. I can tell he has the knack for FPS games already. Watch out future gamers!

GS: You list sports as one of your interests. What sports do you enjoy the most? Do you have a favorite team?

Spooky: I enjoy most sports that are out there. I follow American Football the most. I have been a Philadelphia sports fan my whole life. I love the Philadelphia Eagles, the Phillies, and Flyers. This is a disappointing year for Philly teams. Ugghhhh. No wonder why I drink so much. Hehe. Also, I try and keep an active interest in football by playing fantasy football. I am in two fantasy football leagues this year. So far I have one fantasy team that is doing well and one that stinks.

GS: Okay. You are a tough-as-nails sort of guy. That said, what horror movie has ‘creeped’ you out the most? It is okay. The secret will be between just you and a few thousand people.

Spooky: Hmmm… That’s a tough question being that I love horror flicks. I am going to have to go with “The Entity”. The Entity is a horror film purportedly based on the paranormal events a woman and her family experienced back in 1976. This movie was released back in 1983. Now, I know the movie is a bit dated, but when I first watched it I was totally “creeped” out.

GS: The first item you mention as an occupation in your profile is being a father. The first thing you list for your interests is family. What is a favorite family outing for the Spooky clan?

Spooky: Since we are so close to the coast, we love to spend time at the New Jersey beaches. Now this is only a summer thing so during the winter we like to go up to the Pocono Mountains and get some fun snow time.

GS: What is an ideal day off for Spooky? How does Spooky enjoy it? It is okay if you answer by talking in the third person.

Spooky: Spooky generally doesn’t have a day off. My two wonderful children take up most of my spare time. If it is not the kids then it is the daily chores of the house and lawn. When Spooky does get some down time I love to get some gaming in. My gaming time has dwindled down a lot since having two kids, but I try to make time for it every day. This is why Gunslinger Gaming is the perfect fit for me. I am not pressured by a clan to put in certain hours every day.

GS: What is your drink of choice?

Spooky: I am a seasonal beer kind of guy. I am a big Sam Adams seasonal fan. Right now my beer of choice is Sam Adams Octoberfest. During the winter season I will be drinking Sam Adams Winter Ale and Sam Adams Alpine Spring. During the spring I continue with the Alpine Spring, and in the summer months I will sip on Sam Adams Summer Ale and Bud Lite Lime. Delicious!!! If I need a hard drink I prefer a nice chilled glass of Gentleman Jack. Smooth and to the point! A nice Dirty Martini is always nice too.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Spooky. It has been great having you as a member, and not only do your fellow Gunslingers look forward to gaming with you during your downtime, but we wish you and your family the very best!

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