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March 2013 Member Spotlight – covan2306 Edition

covanYou may already know covan2306 through a couple of different in-game adventures. Perhaps you raced him while he burned rubber (or demolished his car depending on which piece of photo evidence a person views) on the track of Gran Turismo 5. You may have plundered the landscape of Pandora with him in Borderlands 2. Just recently, he may have provided cover fire as you reloaded your weapon on the Crysis 3 battlefield. Regardless of how you have encountered him previously or have yet to game with him, join me as we pick his brain in this month’s edition of Member Spotlight!

GS: You are building quite the reputation amongst your fellow Gunslingers for your willingness to help out with in-game questions. For example, take a look at the kind praise GS*bigwillydier gave you:

“Covan…is by far the most helpful person I’ve met on here…If you wish you had a particular item, if he has it, he’ll give it to you. If he doesn’t have it, he’ll either help you farm it or farm it himself and give it to you. He’s also a wealth of knowledge about the game and always happy to answer questions and explain things.”

Were you aware you had such an impact on other people’s gaming experience?

covan2306: This is my gaming mentality when it come to loot games, share the pixels, that’s all they are. I’d sooner be playing with people enjoying their game, than running around gloating about my pew pew guns.
Same goes for giving advice, this is how I have always pictured gaming clans/communities, all about finding like minded people, and having fun, helping each other when needed, sounds cheesy, ‘cuz it is.

GS: Back when you first signed up with the Gunslingers in May of 2011, you did so for the game, Brink. What are you final thoughts on that title, and what is among your favorite experiences in the newest games you are playing?

covan2306: Brink was a great game, that was killed by it’s launch (during psn downtime), I still rate the game in my top 10 ps3 games easily.
My favorite experiences would be Borderlands 2, try to help BigBangBear, then help Bigwillydier beat Hyperius-the-Invincible. After both times think all of us called it a night, mentally exhausting. That’s the fun in the game, trying to bring down bosses with friends, especially with a boss like Hyperius who can randomly kill you against all logic.

GS: You list Cabinet Maker as your occupation in your GS profile. How long have you been making cabinets? What drew your interest in doing so? Finally, what was the most challenging cabinet you have ever made?

covan2306: Been making cabinets for 6 years, firstly custom household cabinets, now larger scalecabinetclose manufacturing of computer cabinets, for medical IT. I was drawn to it needing a job, I’m actually a semi-qualified Chef, but I don’t really have the temperament for that.

Most challenging..Custom full wall study, desk with cabinets, was made to look “antiqued”. On the day of staining, I worked on a Saturday with the boss, last staining method before the finishing lacquer was to create the effect of old varnished wood. This consisted of applying a heavy dark coat of a brown stain, then hitting it with thinner fast (very fast) to only leave it in accent areas. This all went well until the 11ft end cabinet, trying to stain then strip within 20 seconds of staining, by the end of it, I left didn’t say a word to my boss, fuming. Came into work on Monday, and we both just cracked up laughing. “I thought you were gunna fire me for sure“, “I thought you were gunna tell me to get _________ and quit“.

GS: Speaking of your profile, you mention music as one of your key interests. I think you know what is coming. What are some of your all time favorite musicians? Albums?

covan2306: I have so many of both, very hard/maybe impossible to answer. I will say I grew up in a household that played Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Dio, Gunz, etc. Heavily into metal and progressive rock.
Musicians Tom Araya (Slayer), James Lynn Straight (Snot) and Mike Patton (Faith No More and Mr.Bungle). Favorite albums…too many. So I’ll tell you what my latest addiction has been. Orange Goblin.

GS: As a father, you must have seen your share of kid movies. Which title is a household favorite that you have had to put in for the kids for one millionth time? Do they also game with you?

covan2306: Ninjago (LEGO TV series) and a lot of Veggie Tales. A lot.
I let my 4 year old run around and shoot on Borderlands every once in a while. He has his own game on there, Warp.

GS: How about you? What kept the rugrat version of Covan busy? Were you gaming, and, if so, what was the first video game you every played?

ohmummycovan2306: Rugrat Covan is still a rugrat, LOL (son’s name). I was playing sports from the moment I could walk, still play football nowadays. One of five kids, so gaming consoles created wars fast, but we did have some of the systems. First game I remember playing was Oh Mummy on the Amstrad.

GS: The next generation of consoles is right around the corner. What are your thoughts on what you have heard rumored so far? What do you hope is included with the next gen experience?

covan2306: I haven’t paid much attention, to be honest. I don’t buy into hype or rumors very often. I do hope we get a lot better graphics on the new consoles. Seeing Borderlands 2 on a PC, console gamers for the most really don’t understand the tamed down versions of games we get. Also, PS3 needs to add recording software.

GS: Anyone who takes a glace at your body of posts made in the Gunslingers forum knows that you enjoy GT5. Without going as far as shining a flashlight in your face and asking if you know how fast you were going, does your love for racing carry into your real life? How many speeding tickets do you have?

covan2306: None, thanks to a few over-enthusiastic friends I quickly learned about trying to be a speed racer in real life. We drive a jeep that death shakes when you go too fast, LOL. I prefer 4×4 off-roading out in the trees where there isn’t many people.

GS: Which is your favorite football/soccer team? Why?

covan2306: Manchester United. Grew up in northern England. Grew up supporting them to spite both my parents. LOL.

GS: What is your favorite drink?

covan2306: Guinness and Hobgoblin ale. I like my 25+ year scotches, also.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about your fellow Gunslinger, Covan. If you would like to leave any comments, feel free to do so in the Member Spotlight topic within the GS forums.

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