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GGZ Issue #4 ~ Member Spotlight – VykkDraygo Edition

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vykkIt has been awhile since our last Member Spotlight, so let’s change that with this edition of the Gunslinger Gazette! January 2014 is a great time to feature a Gunslinger member who has been here since 2008, which, actually, is prior to the days that we even had a registered domain for our group. I am taking about VykkDraygo! Back in July 2008, Vykk signed up on the freeware version of our community as a Mario Kart Wii player. In fact, he was the original leader for our Shellslingers front for the game. Most of you know him better now for his Grand Theft Auto V crime sprees on our Xbox360 front. Join us as we sit down and find out more about him and what has been keeping him busy the last few years.

GS: You are among the first on the Gunslinger Gaming Forums to be getting a fifth bullet hole, which represents the amount of years you have been registered here, on your profile. Seeing that you actually have been a GS member even longer than the registered site has existed, the group must seem quite different from 2008. What are your thoughts on the evolution of Gunslingers now that we are in 2014?

VykkDraygo: I was happy to see how many people have joined the ranks of GS! Surprised? Not at all! I’m glad to see that there are so many other people from all sorts of platforms who enjoy all sorts of games coming together to form a community!

Upon playing GTA V for the first time in the crew I felt like I hadn’t missed a beat! Everyone has been so nice, and very helpful!

GS: There was a quite of bit of time since your leadership days at GS and your (relatively) recent return as a Xbox360 member. What have you been up to for the last few years?

VykkDraygo: As you know I have a daughter (Abigale). She is 11 now, so as any father will attest to, I pretty much do whatever she wants! As far as gaming goes, I haven’t really been playing many online games (mostly because I was without an ISP), until I got GTA V and remembered how many immature players there are in the world.

GS: Being that you were once a Mario Kart Wii fanatic, what are your thoughts on the Wii U and the pending release of Mario Kart 8?

VykkDraygo: Honestly I have never played the Wii U. I’m sure Nintendo will do a great job job with it.

GS: You are quite active on the Grand Theft Auto V front. How are you liking the game? What are your impressions on how Rock Star has been handling such a daunting task as a massive multiplayer online experience?

VykkDraygo: I hear a lot of people complain about Rock Star putting out a game the “wasn’t ready” but in my opinion they did a great job. Never before have I seen a game where you can do so many different things with one title. If I feel like racing, I race, if I feel like fragging people I have many different options for that. My only complaint would be the recent influx of people glitching money and hacking the game, which Rock Star seems to have under control now…

GS: If memory serves me right, you are a Raiders fan. Being that the

Vykk with ex Raiders player, Roland Williams.

Vykk with ex Raiders player, Roland Williams.

Raiders didn’t get to the Playoffs, who are you hoping will win the Super Bowl?

VykkDraygo: Your memory does serve you right! Being from Western NY I have a soft spot for the Buffalo Bills as well. Do you remember why the tuck rule was created? I’ll never forget! Therefore as long as Tom Brady and his Patriots don’t win another one I’ll be happy! Maybe if Denver wins Manning will retire…

GS: Are you still residing in New York? If so, how did the recent historic Arctic temperatures in your neck of the woods affect your daily activity?

VykkDraygo: Being from NY, and more accurately Western NY (about 2 miles from Lake Ontario, in Rochester) we are well prepared for snow! That being said, I have my daughter living with me now, and they cancelled school (for 1 day) so we had a day in!

GS: Back when you first signed up, we didn’t even have an area for folks to create Introduction topics. In some ways, you are re-introducing yourself to the community. How would your Introduction look if written today? What is something that your fellow GTA V players would be surprised to learn about you?

Did you know that "Vykk Draygo" is an alias of Hans Solo?

Did you know that “Vykk Draygo” is an alias of Hans Solo?

VykkDraygo: I think I would just put a Hello out there. I’m actually kind of shy but when it comes to playing online I don’t have any reservations because I can stay semi anonymous! Also Vykk Draygo comes from a Star Wars novel! It’s the name Han Solo used as his first ever alias, and in later books he refers to it as his favorite alias (though it the later books he it was spelled differently).

GS: Are you still a Star Wars fan? What do you think of the fact that, since Disney has acquired the franchise, there are three more films on the way?

VykkDraygo: I’m still a huge star wars fan! I’m an optimist (as far as that goes). I’m happy there are going to be more original works made. I’ve read most of the books, and I think some series would make great movies, but who wants to see them screw up my version of how I perceive it. Ask me again after the next movie comes out!

GS: Aside from Star Wars, what other films and television series have you gotten heavily into in recent years?

VykkDraygo: I love The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and True Blood. The Marvel superhero movies (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man) have been great! On that note I’ve been watching and enjoying Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

GS: And, as our tradition demands, what is your favorite drink?

VykkDraygo: I prefer to smoke, but when I do drink it’s usually Captain and coke.

Thank you, Vykk, for returning to the Gunslingers to enjoy another generation of gaming fun and for taking the time to answer this interview. Readers, thank you for making it a point to learn more about a fellow member. You are welcome to leave comments about this interview HERE!

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